Friday, 13 July 2012

Give Your Home a Shabby Chic Look

If you ask me, giving your home the most sophisticated shabby chic look is the best way to decorate it. When done the way it should be, it will give its viewers the mind blowing look that you are working on an elegant patina of tradition and age. There is need to strain your wallet now! Shabby chic style of furnishing is the right way to furnish your house with various antiques and make it as comfortable as a residence should be. If you are interested in that out of the ordinary style of decoration, this article is worth ready for you as I will be discussing those essential things that you must keep in your mind while working with it.

It is better that you start with a single room. Unleash your thoughts... try to visualize the room and decide what sort of effects are going to be the best for it. For example, are you after a setup that is a little richer, darker, and more comfortable, or you are in search of something that is a little Mediterranean in nature, with a whitewashed look and with a lot of luminosity! If you want to be successful with your work, you have got to have a good picture in mind where you want to take the area.

I suggest that you think of collecting a couple of the most extraordinary pieces of oomph chic furniture. It is better that you find a few pieces of oomph chic furniture which you think are good for the aesthetic that you are looking to achieve. Do not start by gathering small pieces as to put them around will be a question for you. You must avoid this as this will give your style of decoration a rather careless and haphazard look. As they are really easy to work with, find the matching decorative pieces that are smaller in size.

Always think of a color scheme before start working. When it comes to colors and shades, there is no such style of decoration like shabby chic. You can look for something that is monochromatic or darker, or you can select bold and bright colors that have had just a touch of wear applied to them. It is totally up to your decision whichever design you pick but both of these styles are quite popular nowadays. Try to work out the things that that place lacks in? What can benefit that area? Do you feel that that area needs a little more sun? These things are important to help you make out the right color palate.

You will come to know there is a good chance that you have discovered an adorning technique that is perfect for you when you are looking to change the entire look of your dwelling with shabby chic. Consider each and everything like, what pieces of oomph chic furniture you would want to base your designs around, and what you want the end effect to be. I am sure you will find a perfect setup that is going to suit your own personal style.   

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