Friday, 3 August 2012

How to Renovate your House with Designer Furniture

In my conception, anybody can change the entire look of his house with the help of designer furniture. Designer furniture is versatile and with just a few pieces of it in hand, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. If you ever got to work with it, try to depend on your individual style and taste. I’m sure you will be dumbfounded to know that that was the most important tip that I just gave you. However, it will also assist to depend on some of the basic rules of interior designing. Before you start, you need to make a plan for choosing the right pieces of designer furniture. What are your plans – are you willing to renovate your dwelling completely? You only think of buying just a few decorative pieces? Do you have a plan to replace just a couple of old pieces with new one? Here, you must also ask yourself what type of pieces will be right for you. If you want your shopping to be contented and easy, I suggest that you make a shopping list before leaving home.

Whenever you go buy furniture, keep in mind to create a harmonious balance in between every piece. That’s the main rule that you should stick by. Each piece of furniture must have a connection with the other. You can also have an assortment of colors, designs, and styles but it mostly depends on the settings. What you must keep in mind is to pick items that create a cozy and graceful environment. One should have a comfortable feeling while sitting in that area. With the help of designer furniture, you can be able to create three main types of balances. You can achieve the formal or symmetrical balance in the room by mirroring everything. For example, you have a coffee table placed in the middle of two chairs. If you have a focal point in the room you can create a radial balance around it. For instance, your coffee table is surrounded by main furniture items. You also have a choice of making an asymmetrical balance, but each and every piece must be arranged in a proportionate way given their color, size, and shape.

You just cannot neglect rhythm! In fact it is really important while working with designer furniture. You may be thinking, “Oh, that’s easy! I just need to put different designer items on different spots of the room to get the job done?” But I tell you, that is not as easy as you think it is. You will have to create patterns so that there can be some harmony and balance in the setting. There are so many ways to create patterns. It is up to you whichever pattern you want, you can either go for color pattern, shape pattern, or even object pattern. For example, you can have a square coffee table or square cushions on the couch. You can also create pattern by placing a brown vase, a brown rug, or a brown side table, anywhere in the sitting room. Shortly, you just have to cut loose your imaginations in order to create a dreamlike ambience. 

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